myARTmosphere SERVICES

What an artist can create is a world by itself. Artists for whom art is an expression of their individuality will leave a footprint in the world. J.V.




myARTmosphere is a space for creativity without following a rigid or fixed concept. It’s the simple idea and roughly described in this words…

‘Creativity that touches’

…touching a deeper level within one self than just getting to the surface of senses in ‘what only eyes can see’. The idea of myARTmosphere shall be experienced as artistic beauty, expressiveness and all what it does with you – to you. A desire to raise awareness in what you feel – for example – what you feel by looking at art and craft works or what you feel while staying in such an atmosphere as well as your feelings while exchanging ideas when they bubble out of you or personal experiences in the process by exhibiting your own creativity.

The artists who collaborate or exhibit with myARTmosphere are typically artists in the midst of their careers – any career, showing expression, color, joy, simplicity and most of all parts of their own culture. In many ways expressing their soul with their very own personal aptitude and will leave their footprints in (m)any form.

myARTmosphere reflects femininity, a versatility of infinite ideas in artistic design, their presentation and a creative way of simply using ART usefully in a different way. Thus, it also expresses the individuality of each artist. In a sense, myARTmosphere breaks with the traditional definition of what is generally labeled as ART.

‘creative and open space, a platform for expression, beauty and individuality describes us best’

myARTmosphere sells fineART and actively supports the artistic exchange and the artists themselves regardless of their cultural background, whether they are local or international, known or still less recognized artists yet.

With myARTmosphere’s presence on the web, in social media or at home in our gallery-shop-space, surrounded from scenic swiss mountains in the southern valley of Valaise, the place is called Fiesch, ART-actor’s and ART-lover’s get an opportunity to become visible.

On the one hand with the help of our ARTservices – on the other hand with individual exhibitions, workshops, displays or as a marketplace for creative experiences, working with commercial background or in form of commissioned works – here the true essence of artistic visions arises.

We create A-R-Tmosphere of inspiration and mutual animation that goes beyond watching and incorporating local activities and touristic gems such as the traditional local tourism. An A-R-Tmosphere that fabricates usefull ART-products where people get curious about, wanting to take home touching travel-memories and perhaps as side effects arouses a curiosity and wanting to know more about the upper valley ‘Ober-Goms’ and who knows thoroughly a desire to pay a visit in this part of Switzerland.

We look forward doing something inspiring from the soul > for the soul, together with inspiring, creative and passionate artists or simply people of all genders and communities, nationally and internationally.


myARTmosphere is just about reflecting true souls.


Whether you make good art today, bad art today or no art today, you are still an artist. No matter what we make or don’t make, we are still ourselfves, still worthy and still here ready to try again.

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hosting workshops & events
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paintings collages mixedMedia

PHOTOgraphy & rePRODUCTion


clicking or photoshooting on contract, image processing, printing*, framing with high quality frames, displaying, scanning, consulting, installations

Any possible way to serve you and in our knowledge we will gladly offer our help.

*printing on conventional medias (paper, folie, acryl, wood or other boards) or on touching medias like natural-flowing fine art materials

PAINTing & mixedMEDIA


market and selling original ARTwork & master pieces, displaying, framing, advising, consulting, installing, reproduction, scanning, individuel & commercial ARTworks, work on contract

Any possibile way to serve you and in our knowledge we will gladly work for you.

LIGHTart & ARTmosphere


customized LIGHTart projects, ART and fineARTmaterial, realizing individuell, commercial or any other pcustomer urposes, creating & fabricating ARTaccessories and trendly fashion adds to wear or likewise as stylish and usefull memory

giving ARTspace for your own displays


We are renting out our fully equiped ARTspace to you, we have a temporary POPup store concept if you wish to display and sell your works or use it as atelier or e.g. for workshops. Any person or group of interest is welcome to rent our ARTspace.

ARTmarket from Original-Paintings, Fine Art prints, photography and local hand crafts

My ARTmopsphere is planing ARTworkshops hold from professional painters for any people of interest or school classes.

We are a cultural meeting point and place to exchange and enjoy art


with passion
making it different

LIGHTart, FASHIONart &much more

It is also an art – art quite different to use. We also put art in a different light, animated with simply-imposing effects. You will be impressed by the nature of the atmosphere in your rooms. We are happy to help And why not make a real gem out of it either for yourself, as a gift or as a beautiful useful souvenir. Soon our ART collection will be available in limited editions in our myARTmosphere gallery.

>>> We look forward to your curiosity

DIGITALart & PHOTOgraphy

We love to serve you in any activity related to photographyservices such as shootings, contract works, consulting, advicing and much more.Our digitalART services includes prints on any media and its display. We are also providing advices to scope for interior designing and displays in your house.

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It is planned in near future to start giving workshops or hosting creativ events for any group of interest. But also the other way around, if you wish to give workshops or hold events you are likewise welcome.

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We like you to see us as a market place for sharing and inspiering eachother and invite you to take passionated action in our Market.

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We sell and display contemporary fineARTworks as original master pieces like paintings, mixed media, collagen.

We are also passionately about working for commercial projects as well as taking contract orders.

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If you have a talent and you would like to make your work public and show it to a larger audience, then you can also rent this gallery space over a certain period of time.

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