Artist's behind the scene of myARTmosphere

We are a bunch of international activly artist passionaly creating a touching ART-mosphere, where everybody here expressing their feelings in it’s own way.



Digital Artist from Germany / Switzerland

Karén von Reppert

Engineer by degree – photographer by passion. I light-hearted grew up in Eastern Germany where – after German reunification of east and west – I left my home town in young age to find my own way of living. I had settled in a western state of Germany where after 10 years life took me to Switzerland, the place where I geographicly settled and still living today. Traveling in different parts of the world from an early age – mainly on African continent – I kept my coriousity for other cultures alive and became very easely attracted to the simplicity of local people and their life’s. Later in India my desire of the soul found answers in a deep rooted unique culture, a life changing happening. India in many ways is giving me a real home. In 2017 I got the chance to stay and work in Bangalore, an extreemly intense and absolutly enriching time of my life.
My photography hobby – over the last ten years – became a passion connecting me much deeper to the wisdom and diversity of its extraordinary cultures, traditions and direct to the peoples soul. It is now reflected in many ways under the name of myARTmosphere.

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Leonard Bailey

Born 1956, US / Coffeeville, Mississippi

My Artistic inspiration began at an earl age. Growing up in a home in UpState New York, I use to watch my father drawing horses and various other animals. As a young boy I found the most natural expression through my innate artistic abilities, so I explored drawings and paintings with a precocious determination and curiosity. Throughout High School, a career in Art seemed inevitable, finding Art school too academic and structured, I left and moved to Los Angeles / California.

Working in and around the movie industry and further ing educational pursuits led to a BA in Art. Born in Coffeeville / Mississippi, raised in Albion, UpState New York after meeting my wife I moved to my adopted home in Switzerland, a place near Zurich called Unterengstringen.

‘Upon moving to Switzerland Leonard has decided to pursue his love of art in all forms – never wanting to be limited in his ways expressing Art. His influences range from People – both present and past – Women he knew or meet, Pop Art, Graphic, Fashion, places he has traveled also Streets, Cities and Country sides.’

From my visits I bring back posters taken from the streets and integrate them into my art pieces.

Creativity, my surrounding, family and people play an important role in my life all contributes to my artistic sensibility and perspective. The paintings have impact, addressing the viewer with energy and colorful bold aesthetic. My compositions are created simply but complex, reflecting in his paintings of varies mediums like watercolor, acrylics, wax, pencils, pens, collages and other media to create colorful visual works also working with spray to overlay multiple layers. Art allows me to play and converse with physical and hands on application with all its forms. Mixing techniques, and varies materials, creating a stand out signature in trying to give unique perspectives, creativity and passion plus above all – a sense of spirituality – to what am doing.

Beside my Art creations I am passionate about ‘Body-Art’ giving massages but also coaching and teaching medical- and physiotherapies in working as a personal trainer.

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Painter from United States & Switzerland


Painter from Kolkatta / India

Sarfuddin Ahmed

To be one of those personal renderrin their sincerest service to bring a social infrastructure full of devotion and morality with the use of painting brush.
I am coming from the area Khanpur, Kalikapota ,West Bengal, India. I had been madly in love with art since childhood. My passion led me to graduate  BVA / Bachelor of Visual Art with honours from Govt. College of Arts & Crafts ( University of Calcutta), Kolkata,  India .
I am accomplished in painting women, children, the elderly and daily life forms with mastery and sensitivity. Portraying their hopes and dreams and also presenting another force of nature,  the noblest of animals – the horse. The paintings symbolize the strength and beauty of horses while presenting the delicacy of colour and line. My favourite artistic medium is dry Pastel, Acrylic,  Water Colour, Oil colour and favourite artistic movement is Impressionism.
Awards :
– Best award in drawing at Govt. College of Arts & Crafts , West Bengal, India 1996
–  Bharat Bangladesh Maitri Utsaav Award,  West Bengal, India,  2107
– Shilpi sarat Kumar Rath Memorial Award , Dhauli Art college,  Odisha , India 2018
– Dr Sujit Kumar Mallick Chaudhary Smriti Purashkar 2014 , India
– Silver Jubilee Celebration Award,  Kornik , Jharkhand 2016 , India
Workshops and Camps :
– Rajya Charukala Parishad Painting by water colour,  West Bengal,  India ,1997
– Workshop on Mural organized by Govt. Art College,  Kolkata,  India,  1999
– Guest Art Lecturer, Life Drawing & water color class, Dhaka Art College,  Bangladesh,  2015
– All Indian Painting Workshop , Uttar Pradesh, India 2014
– International Painting Workshop ( Assemble of 500 Artist against Witchcraft ) , Assam , India 2016
– Painting Workshop kala Samannauay , Deoghar , Jharkhand , India 2016
– International Art Festival, Art Camp at Dhauli Art College , Odisha , India 2018 and many others mainly in painting.
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Bor: 196…., Kolkatta / Education: painter

I’m a Delhi based Indian contemporary artist in painting and sculpturing since last 30 years, studied at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS in Kolkata / India. Within these years I have done several solo shows in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and abroad as well as being participating in prestigious Indian and international group shows, art camps and residencies.

In 2008 I was honored by Academy of fine Arts, Kolkata with the ‘Governor Excellency Award’ for best painting of the year 2008 from all India exhibitions and received honour from Kolkata Police, Relaince Industry, from private as well as  Government Universities and organisations. My latest project a prestigious commissioned work was in Delhi for Delhi Metro, SAIL – Steal Authority of india Limited, PWD – Public work department, Delhi Jal / water Board.

One of my painting work has been published in the autobiographies of the famous Bollywood actors Amir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. Furthermore I illustrated books of other famous authors of India and Bangladesh.

My paintings have been collected by  eminent personalities from India, in private sector and also corporate sectors like ITC, RPG, Relaince, World Bank and educational institutions like St Xavier’s college Kolkata and the American Embassy School in Delhi.

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Painter and scuptor from Delhi / India


Painter from Kolkatta / India

Pratick Mallick

Born: 1987, Kolkata  /  Education: painter with Bachelor of Visual Art

I have studied Art and painting at Goverment College of Art and Craft in Kolkatta / India, West Bengal successesfully passing my Bachelor of Visual Art in 2011.

As a freelancing painter I compose my paintings mainly in mixed media. There’s use of dry mediums or conte, charcoal, pencil, water colour, ink, acrylic, enamel et al. I do not use every mediums in all of my compositions but use them as and when I deem fit.

Now to speak about the given art form, i.e. tradition of ancient Indian spirituality, I try to use the traditionally available shapes and forms as per my own interpretation of the same. My compositions are mainly portrait based. Instead of general realistic sketches, I try to induce a non-material angle to my works. It could sometimes be the expression, or something symbolic of a ritual. I try to ensure that the use of this angle takes me or the viewer to a place away from this material world or at least attempts to imbibe this emotion. What I use most generously are the alphabets or letters. I have mainly chosen Pali, Prakrit or the even older Brahmin script among the ancient Indo-Vedic scripts. The Pali script eventually gave birth to the Devnagari script in which Sanskrit was later written.

Traditionally, anything Divine is considered Pious or Pure in contemporary terms. Each of these letters have different waves of sound for pronunciation and a corresponding colour derived for each of these waves. Shape and form of letters too are related to the same and are not indigenous. Scientific researchers are still trying to get to the bottom of it. In 1973 Stanford University – California have arranged an experiment which located that the sound waves can reflect light or can change the waves of light. Some of experiments like this are still going on but they can’t get yet a proper equation of this. The letters are used as Mantras (spells) or beejakshar in my compositions.


Workshops & teaching:
Outdoor workshops and painting classes as well as I also mentored a water colour workshop at Birla Academy of Art and Culture / 2012 Kolkatta.
Teaching at Chember of Fine Art, Kolkatta.
My inspirations and technics I also withdraw from workshops across my state of West Bengal.


K. Mukherjee Memorial award for oil painting
Joynul Abedin award for watercolour


Joining in group shows and arious exhibitions every year in India
Annually participating Academy of Fine Arts and Charukala ART Festival, Kolkatta

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Manoj Dutta

Born: 1956, Kolkata  /  Education: self taught painter

Manoj Dutta’s art rediscovers and enriches the traditional two dimensional format of ‘Indianness’ found in folk art. His paintings and pastels bloom with luminous effusions of a few consonant colors, structured into subtle textures, variations and nuances of tone and shade, to enhance his deceptively simple, stylized images. The predominant color with which he elaborates a theme, whether blue, red, violet or ochre enlarges into a fine symphony of depth and shade to frame his images in impeccably conceptualized designs of integrated details.

His delineation of images whether with pen or brush, is similarly simple, fluent and infinitely eloquent. His images may stand out expressively from bare or delicately muted backgrounds, recede artfully behind a vigorous cross-hatching of lines, or even freeze mid-movement into stylized format. But they are always vivified by a singular ‘mood’, which can by turns be whimsical, humorous, introspective or poignant – whether with nostalgia or with memories or beauty ‘recollected in tranquility’.

“There are pronounced elements of folk art in my paintings though its content is my experience of the contemporary reality around me. Folk form and feel come to my paintings as naturally as the tune of folk songs that spring from the depth of the folk singer’s heart. I try to achieve the same simplicity and directness in my work.”


Group Shows:
Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, including commemorative shows’ Calcutta ‘300 years’ & ‘Calcutta through the Eyes of Painters’.
International Exhibitions:
Asian Art Show, Japan
Contemporary Art Show, South Korea
Contemporary Indian Art Show, Holland, Busan Biennale, Korea
Group show of Indian artists at San Gaetano
Padova on invitation from Mayor of Padova Italy


Represented in several prestigious collections in India and abroad including National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, Birla Academy & State Lalit Kala Akademi, Kolkata. Member of SCA since 1983.

=> Next solo show planed: Delhi Nov/ Dez 2019

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Painter from Kolkatta / India