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cutting a long story short…


This way crossing event – meeting this Indian contemporary painter & artist Partho Chatterjee in Udaipur/ Radjastan – turned somehow a year later into my first art show and exhibition of photography in Kolkata, which I devoted to the great Indian culture displayed as “Reflections of true souls – Homage to a unique culture”.  A very remaining impact it had on me about art and paintings and of what I understood until then. It connected me to incredibly talented artists of India and art lovers around the globe. I still remember during my show one artist came to me, asking if I want to see his art works. Agreeing this, I was amazed when he opened the smart phone collection showing me his paintings.

Karén Poster

From that day onwards I was always curious to see what kind of paintings all these so passionated painters have created and drwaing out of their bubbling souls. Today two of them, Sarfuddin und Pratick have joined our crowd. Manoj‘s painting – there is no doupt about – touched my soul right from the first time I looked at them so simple, so colorful, so joyful they appear in its own dimension. His artwork simply spreads happiness. Leonard‘s artworks are not limited to multi-colours only, out of his mind he includes other materials even found on the street or taken from ‘Brockies’ to arrange very colour- and meaningful collages.

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Reflecting all these situations – it was somehow a seed-planting happening for myARTmosphere.

Works created by these striking artists have touched something deeply and left the feeling of being touched by supreme power of Art. A connection that has being cultivated and opened up a new dimension for me.

Art finds expression in infinitely diversity but questioning consciously or unconsciously for one self while looking at it „What does it do to me? What do I feel? Is it touching a deeper dimension, touching the soul?” Or is there just nothing more than meeting the eyes? It is this extra quality beyond the seen, that has the power to move people on a spiritual level. myARTmosphere shall touch this dimension within you.

myARTmosphere in it’s approach unites various styles of Fine Art and Photography and set’s it in a new context. Besides this it connects differing cultures, people, artist and art lovers merging contemporary Fine Art into new facets of creativity and ways to experience and value art work.

We are an open plattform and will not hold onto any static gallery concept.

Further more it is also a platform for creativ artists to display, stage and sell their touching, colourful and joyful artworks and we will give access and service to any interested people or crowds.